Never let the unacceptable become the acceptable


I saw the above title in a quote this week, and it really triggered a big reflection for me.

A reflection on how many times in the past I’ve done exactly that – let the unacceptable become the acceptable.

How in the past I’ve allowed myself to be treated with disrespect due to my own shitty boundaries.

How I’ve allowed others to emotionally abuse me – some for years.

How I gave my energy and power away on the regular in the name of love.

How I got into a mountain of debt because I allowed others to financially use me.

How I let myself be spoken to with criticism and disrespect.

I let the unacceptable become the acceptable in the past, because I gave that person leeway due to knowing they were a hurt person.

Hurt people, hurt other people.

Because of the work I do, it’s easy for me to see where their pain originated.

It’s meant that instead of standing up for myself, I gave them a longer leash of what I was willing to tolerate.

But what eventuated was me enabling their shitty behaviour, building up resentment and bitterness over time which is a very toxic energy.

When you’re a giver/helper type, one of the biggest lessons us types usually need to learn is increasing our own self love and personal boundaries.

It’s ok to say no.

It’s ok to tell someone to fuck off – in an assertive rather than aggressive way.

It’s ok to tell them what they’re doing or saying isn’t ok with you.

It’s ok to walk away.

User types will always be attracted to helper types.

They are the yang to our yin.

The narcissist to our empath.

Focus on increasing your self love/worth and self esteem; the stronger personal boundaries will then follow.

Ask yourself – would I allow myself to be treated in this way if I truly loved myself?

When you walk away from users, good shit can flow into your life.

I increased my self love, set strong boundaries, paid off my debt, improved my health, attracted better friends and opportunities into my life, all from walking away from those toxic relationships in the past.

Love yourself enough to change your environment.

Love yourself enough to know you’re worth it.

If you need a hand – you know where to find me.

Catcha on the flip side,


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