Let go or be dragged

“Hold with an open hand, or face the consequences”
We’ve all been there.
Something in our life isn’t working out the way we thought it would, or wanted it to.
We know that we need to let go, but we cling on for dear life hoping things will get better.
“If I just stay another 6 months in this job that’s killing my soul, maybe I’ll figure out what I want to do with my life.”
“If I just love him/her enough, maybe they’ll realise we are perfect for each other.”
“I know I really shouldn’t keep doing this, but if I just ignore the reality of the situation maybe it’ll all work out anyway.”
We cling to people, bad habits, jobs because we want security and shitty mindsets that don’t work for us.
We get into a place where we are in a state of resistance and not flow.
And when we’re in resistance, we refuse to let go of what’s no longer serving us.
When we refuse to let go, we get dragged.
Dragged along the bottom, in the gravel and mud.
Our mindset spirals downhill, we get bumps and scrapes, we feel emotionally sore and burnt out.
Toxic relationships are a good example of this; they cause constant hurt and pain, but at the same time there is such a pathological connection there that it creates a belief that you’re destined to be together.
It’s like a bonding vortex that sucks you in and holds you there like super glue. You’re in a hypnotic trance and can’t break free.
Even when everyone around you is pointing out you both need to quit because you’re clearly no good for each other.
These kind of relationships are really just an addiction; you know you don’t work together but you feel like you’re dying when you’re apart.
You think if you hold on long enough, you’ll recapture the magic you had together at the start.
This can go on for years, until you realise you’re a shell of your former self and have no idea what gives you joy or happiness anymore – but you know this relationship never will again.
You also realise all your friends have gradually stopped contacting you because they’re all sick of the drama and bullshit.
You realise you feel constantly unwell, anxious, depressed, tired, unhappy and stressed, and self medicate with alcohol, drugs, sugar, prescription meds and mind numbing scrolling on social media.
Who are you without them? You have no idea.
But you also don’t know who you are anymore with them.
It’s time to let go.
Let go of the hopes, dreams and wishes you once had with that person.
Let go of the rose coloured glasses, and see things as they really are.
Decide now that enough is enough, start the journey of healing and recovery, and love yourself enough to leave the person/thing/situation that’s causing you such unhappiness.
It isn’t an easy journey, but it’s SO worth it.
Trust me, I know; I’ve been there.
It’s worth it to become a better version of yourself, and to live your best life.
Not sure where to start?
Check out my website for loads of great free value in my blogs and videos – www.coachcarly.com.
And if you want an extra nudge, I can coach you through this.
You’ve got this.
Catcha on the flip side,
C H A N G E +

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