How do you protect yourself from emotional pain?


I’ve been listening to a few interviews with Michael Singer recently, author of The Untethered Soul.


He wrote this book a long time ago but I only recently came across his work watching an interview he did with Oprah, where she said reading his book was a game changer for her.


He gives some great metaphors for how we hold on to emotional pain and attempt to protect ourselves from further pain.


If you had a big rose thorn digging into your arm, would you pull it out, or leave it there?


Exactly. It would be crazy to leave it there.


But that’s what we do with our emotional thorns – we hold onto our past hurts.


Imagine you get said thorn in your arm.


You soon realise it hurts to hug someone, so you stop hugging.


Certain clothes hurt, so you change your wardrobe to accomodate it.


It hurts when you turn over in bed so you have a special bed designed.


You develop a fear that people may rub up against it in public, so you employ bodyguards with AK47s to stand around you when you’re out anywhere.


This obviously doesn’t do much for your social life, but at least you feel safe, right?


Over time though, you realise how much you’ve kept anyone who may bring you joy or happiness at a distance.


It reminded me of a client I saw recently who, at 39, is still not willing to deal with his best friends suicide at 21.



He acknowledged it affects everything good in his life and has led to drug and alcohol use, PTSD and violence in his relationship.


And yet he states he doesn’t ever want to confront the pain.


Imagine if you could be courageous, and confront your past hurts head on?


To commit to healing them no matter what it takes?


To know that you and your loved ones deserve you to do that, because when you do, you’ll feel lighter, freer and happier?


If you’re ready to start, drop me a message and let’s chat about how I can help you.


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