7 Steps to reclaim your power


1. Avoid blaming someone or something else for your negative feelings. Nothing and nobody has the power to control how you think and feel unless you let it.


2. Don’t blame yourself for not being in control.

You’re doing the best you can.


3. Be aware of when you’re playing the victim role. Learn the clues that tell you when you’re not being responsible for what you’re being/doing/having/feeling.


4. Get to know your biggest energy – the Negative Nancy in your head. Give that part of you a bitch-slap and speak more lovingly to yourself. 


5.Figure out the payoffs that keep you stuck. Awareness is the biggest step towards getting unstuck. 


6.Figure out what you want in life and take action to move yourself towards it. Stop waiting for it to fall in your lap – the road “someday” leads to “nowhere.”


7. Be aware of the multitude of choices you have – both in actions and feelings – in any situation you’re faced with.


Choose the path of least resistance and most growth that makes you feel at peace with yourself and others.


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