Stop feeding the monsters in your head – water the seeds instead


We all have days where the Negative Nancy/Ned in our head spirals out of control.

Where lack of sleep, pain or illness, our environment or whatever it might be, gets the better of us.

But our mindset is key here to how far we allow ourselves to spiral down the rabbit hole of shitty thoughts.

We all have good and bad days – that’s part of life.

Have you ever noticed how people who constantly complain have more bad stuff happening?

At least, they think they do – a lot of it is all about their perception of life.

For me, most of the time I like to see a positive spin on any situation, no matter how challenging.

There are definitely times where my head gets the better of me, same as anyone.

And I can definitely have a good rant every now and again – they can be good for the soul but you have to choose wisely who you do this with.

The point of it is to have a brain dump rather than keep spiralling down the shitty thought rabbit hole.

I’m well aware of my triggers for this though – lack of sleep and chronic pain in my body are the biggies for me.

I do my best to use the tools and techniques that work for me – and I also know that my best today may be different from my best tomorrow.

My best when I’m feeling good is different from my best when I’ve had a rubbish sleep or when I’m unwell.

Sometimes the best thing to do is take a load off and completely relax.

Other times there are a multitude of things I do that work for me like walks in the sunshine, optimising my sleep routine, doing energy work, meditating, exercising, reading, salt baths, EFT.

The thing that makes the most difference whether you feel good or bad is your self-talk.

Right now as I’m writing this blog (which I started 2 weeks ago and haven’t finished as I’ve been in a lot of pain, working long days and sleeping poorly) I’m full of head cold/fluey gunk head.

My body wisdom had been telling me I needed to slow down for the last few weeks and I’d been doing my best to but some circumstances weren’t in my control.

And now I’m unwell – and literally forced to not do anything.

I had to take Thursday and Friday off work and move my Reiki workshop due to be yesterday, to two weeks time.

I could be telling myself how rubbish I feel and how hard everything is to do, how I have no energy etc; that’s how we feed the monsters in our head.

Or instead I could be grateful that although I’m not well, I get to hang out with my dog all day watching Netflix and relax.

The high performance me would be wanting to get through my big to do list, but my best self today knows my body is giving me a message that I need some time out.

I’m grateful for my dog because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have even left the house I feel that rubbish.

I’m watering the seeds in my head by seeing the positives in the situation I’m in, and keeping things simple for now.

Rest, sleep, nourishment… and about 15 litres of water in the last 3 days.

Do you spend your days feeding the monsters or watering the seeds?

Watch your train of thought today and see whats going on for you.

Can you choose to think better thoughts?

If you’re struggling with doing this alone, check out my online coaching group, From Surviving To Thriving or consider individual coaching sessions.

Catcha on the not-so-snotty flip side,


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