Panic! Panic! Everything is out of control!


In the West we say “panic panic! Everything is out of control!” In the Buddhist world they say “relax relax! Everything is out of control.”


I heard this quote on a podcast recently where they were talking about the current pandemic and increased fear and anxiety globally.


While of course there are things that we can control, like our own personal hygiene, there is much we cannot.


So instead of joining everyone else in panicking, do your bit by being sensible but also by focusing on the energy you’re being.


We need, now more than ever, to stay calm and grounded.


We can each do our bit by staying on top of our own self care, and using the extra time we have in isolation to work on personal growth.


This is a great time to take stock of where you’re at in life.


What have you been saying yes to, when you should be saying no?


Are you loving your career, relationship, home life, how you’re showing up in the world?


Could you do more or be more?


I love using the wheel of life document to get a really good idea about where I’m at in life currently, and reassess once or twice a year.


I use it a lot with my coaching clients and the members of my From Surviving To Thriving online coaching program have been loving it too.


You can do your own by drawing a circle and splitting it into 6-8 priority areas – pick your own depending on what’s important to you but suggestions are;



Score each area out of 10, with 10 being the best it could be. Then shade each area.


You might notice your wheel is a bit wonky, or you have a flat tyre.


Ask yourself for each area, what would it take for this to be a 10? What would a 10 look like?


You can then use that info to set some goals for yourself.


Have fun with this!


Catcha on the flip side,






P.S. if you’re not in the best place right now and are struggling, here are some ways I can help:


–  1:1 coaching tailored for your needs

– distant healing including chakra balancing and removal of negative entities

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