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What happens if my partner isn’t on board with my goals?

  It’s normal for us to want those we love the most to be supportive of our goals.   But sometimes, this isn’t our reality.   Recently a member of my online course asked me, “what do I do if my partner isn’t on board with my goals?”   It totally depends on what the context is around this.   We all have our own personal goals, as well as shared goals with our partner and family.   But sometimes…

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Prune your dying branches

Fruit only grows on new wood. To encourage a tree to grow, we prune them.  Along with that death, comes rebirth. It’s kinda the same for us, isn’t it? “Remember that growth always involves some pruning” Loss and a death whether literal or not, is always painful, but it’s also a growth opportunity. The death of an identity gives you a blank slate to work from. The end of a relationship brings with it future love. There is no better…

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Stress + rest = growth

I was listening to a great podcast recently about the growth equation: growth = stress + rest.​Listen hereThe presenter was initially talking about how our muscles grow when put under stress, but the same is also true for pretty much any area of our life. When we face challenges in our life, it puts us under a certain amount of stress.Continued stress without rest leads to injury, burnout and illness. Too much stress can lead to giving up.Not enough stress can lead to boredom, complacency and laziness.But the right…

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