Are you choosing to stay stuck?



I was listening to an amazing, inspirational podcast interview the other day on “I Catch Killers with Gary Jubelin”.


Gary was interviewing Khalid Baker, who was convicted of a murder he’s always maintained he never committed.


He was only 18 and went on to spend 13 years in prison.


He talked about how he could have let anger consume him, but this would have led him to staying stuck.


He knew the system would consume him if he chose that life.


As he went through his appeals, trying to overturn the conviction, he used the analogy of feeling stuck, like he was waiting for a bus that never came.


He’d lost so much, and yet knew he could either be angry about it and stay stuck, or learn from the experience and look at the positives.


Instead of waiting at the bus stop for a bus that might never come, he metaphorically started walking.


He said that the bus may still come, or it may be not, but by walking he was at least taking action.


Before his conviction he was well on his way to becoming a champion boxer.


He continued to train 3 times a day in prison, and work, and educate himself.


People asked him why he bothered.


He was released a very fit young man, young enough to get back into working towards a championship.


He knows within all of his cells he will make it.


What a legend.


Where are you choosing to stay stuck?


Choosing to stay stuck is like waiting for a bus that’s never coming.


Start walking.


Start crawling if that’s all you can manage.


Listen to the podcast here.


If you want someone to hold your hand and chat to you while you walk, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side, where all the buses come at once but we’re already well on our way walking or running to our destination (and enjoying the journey),





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