Life as a bulldog mum



I got my first bulldog back in 2012 and have had a few since then but the one that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with is my girl Squishy. 


I look at her and she does something to my heart, it literally bursts open ✨❤️✨


I’ve been told we’ve had many past lives together where she’s always been my protector.


Life as a bulldog mum is quite different to owning any other dog. 


It means…. 


😂 constantly laughing out loud at the funny things she does

✋🏻 getting regular stink eye looks from her

😩 her pretending she’s never been fed in her life

💤 she’s fast asleep one minute, next minute pantry door opens and she’s immediately next to me

💞 endless pawing at me if I dare be on my phone or laptop; “attentions me mumma!!”

👅 licking my ears when I’m hanging in traction

🧘‍♂️ sitting on various parts of my body (usually head) when I’m doing yoga

🏠 owning the house

🛌 regularly edging me out of my own king size bed (she’s only small but seems to take up all the space)

💨 waking me up with her death inducing farts

❤️ all the cuddles and love 

😴 snoring like a truck driver 

🏝️ her love of the beach 

🎾 her absolute selfish bitchness around not sharing any toys 

🧀 her cheese hunting abilities 


Not to mention ALL. THE. WEIRD. NOISES.


I’ve had plenty of pets in my life but no other has matched up the hilariousness and deep soul love of a bulldog. 


Note: they make terrible guard dogs. 


They make amazing watch dogs; they’ll watch while your shit gets stolen 😂😂😂 (true story!)


What are you a mum/dad to? Tell me your “life as a….. mum/dad story 💛


Catcha on the flip side,


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