Are you feeling lost/stuck right now? Here’s what you can do about it.


Recently I keep having a similar conversation with clients and friends – a lot of people seem to be feeling really lost or stuck right now.

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Are you feeling this way at the moment too? Maybe you made a big decision a few years ago like moving to another city/country, starting a new job like working at the mines, ended a relationship… and now you’re just feeling stuck, lost, confused and not sure what the next step is.

Often when we’re feeling this way, or when there is some kind of conflict going on in our lives, we are out of alignment with our values.

Maybe you moved to the other side of the country because you valued your career and social life, but now you’re older and you value intimate relationships and family life more.

Maybe you went to work on the mines for the money, to set yourself up for life – but now you’ve got all these expensive things to maintain like a house, car, boat etc but no time to enjoy life.

People lose their way when they lose their why.

Is it time to reassess?

Reflect back on the decisions you made, and why you make them. What was your “why” at the time? What did you think making that decision would give you? Whatever it was you were after, are you really living it now?

If not then take stock of where you’re at and reassess your priorities.

Then make a new decision – a decision to change where you’re at right now so you can align with your values and fulfil your why.

If you need a hand with that, I can help. Put your hand up and reach out to me.

Catcha on the flip side,



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