Stress + rest = growth

I was listening to a great podcast recently about the growth equation: growth = stress + rest.

Listen here

The presenter was initially talking about how our muscles grow when put under stress, but the same is also true for pretty much any area of our life. 

When we face challenges in our life, it puts us under a certain amount of stress.

Continued stress without rest leads to injury, burnout and illness. 

Too much stress can lead to giving up.

Not enough stress can lead to boredom, complacency and laziness.

But the right amount of stress, tension or pressure, followed by rest and recovery, can lead to excellent growth in our body, mind and spirit. 

Rest can include napping, time in nature,  reflection, meditation and even social rest – having fun with your mates.

All personal development comes from stressing ourselves in some way, whether it’s going through a crisis or actively doing personal development work to heal our past  https://coachcarly.com/fromsurvivingtothriving/ or shadow aspects.

The next time you’re struggling to deal with the stress you’re under, remember how diamonds are made from coals under pressure.

Shine bright like a diamond 🙂 💎 

Catcha on the flip side, 


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