How can I overcome feelings of unworthiness around money?

Last week I sent out an email to my peeps asking to get to know them better by them sharing with me what they’re struggling with, and questions they’d like to ask me.

One of the questions I got was;

“How can I overcome feelings of unworthiness when it comes to money? I am going into business and don’t want to sabotage it before it’s even off the ground! Thank you for your work- it’s because of your support (and lots of self work!) that the business is beginning!!”

I’ve been a member of my money mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas’ amazing Money Bootcamp since around 2014, and highly recommend joining her program or at least following her work.

Denise has helped me overcome so much of my own money stuff it’s unreal. Here’s a few bits I’ve learned about overcoming feelings of unworthiness around money.


At some point, something happened in your past that was the trigger for you feeling unworthy around money.

One of the ladies in the Bootcamp shared a story around how her grandfather pulled out a $50 note, and when she grabbed it in awe as she’d never seen one before, he snatched it back from her and said “that’s not for you!!”

That is definitely the kind of thing that can create feelings of unworthiness around money, as well as any money trauma in your past (such as inheriting money when a loved one dies, or money from a divorce).

What money memories do you have in your past that need to be cleared?

My fave tool for this is forgiveness work to release the past baggage around this; check out my forgiveness freebies here:


From these negative money memories, or any negative memories really, limiting beliefs are formed as a neural pathway in our brain.

If you believe on a subconscious level things like;

I’m not worthy of money
Money doesn’t come easily to me
I’ll always struggle for money
Life is hard

Then that’s what you’ll create in your life.

In my coaching sessions I can spot these beliefs in conversations with clients; I build a list of the beliefs holding them back and then we do the work to clear them.


There’s an amazing book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Gay talks about how we all have an upper limit of how comfortable we can be in any area of our life, and when we hit that glass ceiling our inner saboteur kicks in to “keep us safe” in some way.

This is all subconscious stuff so it can take a bit of digging to figure it out.

There will be an upper limit you have around how much money you think you are worthy of having, which you can figure out by tracking your income over the last few years.

What happens when you hit yourself upper limit is you’ll do things or attract things that’ll bring you back to your normal; you’ll overspend, suddenly have unexpected bills or broken stuff to replace, or give your money away to someone else.

Awareness of your sabotage is the first step to overcoming it consciously.


There’s plenty of work you can do on overcoming this block yourself, but there’s no better (or quicker) way to do it than by working with a coach or mentor.

Be sure to check out Denise’s work and her group program.

She doesn’t do individual coaching anymore so if that’s more your thing then get in touch with me and we can chat about coaching.

You’re totally worthy of bringing more money into your life and having all the success you desire!

Catcha on the flip side,

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