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photoRecently I have noticed a bit of a trend going on: more and more of the work I am doing with clients seems to be focused not necessarily on goals so much, but on having more FUN, or raising their vibration from low energy feelings (such as guilt, grief, sadness, shame, resentment) to higher energy feelings. (like joy, appreciation, love, happiness, gratitude etc).


This seems to be a dominant theme around at the moment for the people I am coming across whether it be friends, clients, mental health service users – there seem to be a lot of people out there who are feeling quite stuck in their lives at the moment and when we get down to the nitty gritty of it all, the solution is always quite simple.


Simples. Like on “compare the meerkat dot com”.


They just aren’t enjoying life enough. And the reason for that is they’ve made life so damn serious, they aren’t actually prioritising having any fun.


Now there have been a few times in my life when I have become utterly bogged down by the seriousness of it all. Crappy things going on, and for a long time, led to physical ill health, burnout and depression. At those times I couldn’t be bothered to think about having fun – in fact, if you’d have asked me what I found fun to do (and I have been asked that question at those times), I would have been stumped. Equally when I am too bogged down with the seriousness around me in other peoples’ lives, particularly those I really care about, I kinda forget about the importance of having fun.


For me, the precursor to depression, is boredom. A good way to avoid boredom? Having fun things to do.


So, where are you having, or not having fun in your life at the moment? Here’s some home-play for you – write out a list of as many things as you can think of that you find fun and enjoyable. Make sure this is what YOU find fun to do. Include things that you can do alone, and with others, things that cost money and things that don’t cost anything at all. When you have your list, take a look at your weekly calendar and schedule in some “fun time” on a daily basis if possible. It doesn’t have to be complicated – one of the things I find the most fun to do is walking my dog and watching her goofy face and how much fun she is having running around. Or put on a comedy, tickle your kids, whatever it is that you find fun and that puts a smile on your dial.


We make life far to serious, and there are so many opportunities out there to have fun, no matter how small and simple it really does make a difference to your overall well-being.


Are you ready to stop struggling through life? Are you sick of feeling like you’re stuck in survival mode? Come and join my other members who are also on their journey From Surviving To Thriving.

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Enjoy! ~xx~

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