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Panic! Panic! Everything is out of control!

  In the West we say “panic panic! Everything is out of control!” In the Buddhist world they say “relax relax! Everything is out of control.”   I heard this quote on a podcast recently where they were talking about the current pandemic and increased fear and anxiety globally.   While of course there are things that we can control, like our own personal hygiene, there is much we cannot.   So instead of joining everyone else in panicking, do…

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What’s this thing called life all about?

“Remember that what you are seeking is also seeking you” As a 15 year old, I used to completely do my own head in pondering philosophical questions. Why are we here? What happens when we die? I used to sit there and try and imagine what happens when we die – I couldn’t imagine not existing anymore, so what happens instead? Never not existing? Combine those thoughts with hormones. Yeah. HARD WORK. I knew what I saw around me wasn’t…

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