See them as they are, not as how you want them to be



I see you.


You’re the one that sees the potential in everyone.


You’re the one that gives people leeway for how they’re behaving, because you know the shit they went through in the past.


You know that people usually only hurt people when they are also hurting deep down.


You let them off when they behave badly, because you see the pain in them and know they didn’t really mean it.


One day you realise years have gone by, and they’re still treating you like shit.


You realise you’ve been much more cranky and moody more of the time.


It isn’t really you, you think to yourself.


How did I end up here?


How did I let this happen?


Does this sound true for you?


I see you, because I’ve been you.


I still am you, deep down.


But these days I don’t let me seeing the good in others lead to having shitty boundaries.


For years, I ended up in relationships with people where I was actually dating the potential of who they could be, ignoring the reality of who they were actually being.


I see the good in everyone.


I also understand where their pain comes from, and have given my partners WAY to much leeway because of it.


It’s meant I’ve allowed myself to be treated poorly, in a way I don’t deserve, because all I could see was a hurt little boy in their eyes.


But you know what?


There are many many people on the planet who’ve been through horrible trauma and who’ve also chosen to work through their baggage so that it doesn’t affect their lives.


When we see people for how they could be we ignore who they actually are.


If you knew they would never change, because they’re choosing not to change, would you stay?


Don’t you deserve more?


Something to think about.


I had to do a lot of work on my own level of self-love to be brave enough to make changes to who I attracted into my life.


I’m happy to say I finally got it right, and am being treated how I deserve (and even better) by someone who has their shit together.


Ready to make changes in your own life?


Drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the much happier flip side,








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