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Success on instagram vs reality

    INSTAGRAM 🚘 shiny new cars 🏝️ endless holidays  💰 money living the laptop lifestyle  🤗 no problems    REALITY 😴 5am starts ✍🏻 setting goals 🤩 taking action 💯 hard work 💩 constantly working on your own shit 👤 confronting your own shadow   Decide what you want. Write that shit down. Make a fucking plan. Take  Inspired  Action Every Fucking  Day   A typical day in the life of me is:    😴getting up at 5am 💪🏻getting…

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See them as they are, not as how you want them to be

    I see you.   You’re the one that sees the potential in everyone.   You’re the one that gives people leeway for how they’re behaving, because you know the shit they went through in the past.   You know that people usually only hurt people when they are also hurting deep down.   You let them off when they behave badly, because you see the pain in them and know they didn’t really mean it.   One day…

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We suffer more in our imagination than we do in reality

Ain’t that the truth. We spend so much of our lives ruminating on past hurts or perceived failures, or worrying about the future. Our brain literally doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. Try this little exercise right now. Imagine taking a slice of lemon and biting into it. What happened in your mouth? Did your saliva increase? Did your cheeks tighten like there was a sour taste there? Our body actually has physiological reactions to whatever our brain…

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