Are you committed to doing what it takes?


The majority of peeps out there are forever looking for a shortcut, a silver bullet or magic pill they can take to achieve their goals if XYZ.


Those of us who are truly invested in our personal development and healing know there are no short cuts – you have to do the work.


YOU have to do the work.


Nobody else can do it for you.


I get asked a lot of questions in my coaching biz, like how do I get over my ex, how do I heal my past, how can I feel happier etc.


There’s no quick fix for any of it.


Recently I posted a blog on overcoming my debt story, and in there I mentioned investing in crypto.


I then got a bunch of messages from peeps wanting me to tell them how it’s done.


I’ve spent over two years learning about trading, investing and charting crypto and I’m very much still a learner.


When I want to learn something, I learn from people who know their shit.


I invest in courses and coaching to get the best out of it.


But most people won’t do that for themselves, they want all the answers in a single message reply 😂


Not possible.


I do always share what I can though, recommending places to start and peeps to follow.


And I can guarantee that 90% of those suggestions won’t ever get actioned by that person.


Because people find it too hard to actually sit down and make the time to focus on what they say is important.


If you have time to scroll social media mindlessly and watch Netflix all night then you have time to work on your goals.


Most people won’t.


So you need to decide for yourself; do you want to be most people?


Or do you want an epic fucking life?


If you want an epic fucking life, you’ve gotta be ready to pull your finger out and take action.


If you’re ready to take action, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side, where champions hang out.










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