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Un-fuck yourself in 2024

  Do you remember who you were at your happiest? ☺️ Before you let all those mo fo’s dim your fucking shine? 🫥 Do you remember what it is that makes you truly happy? The things you love to do? 🤗 The things that make you smile, laugh, or make your heart sing? Is it time to un-fuck yourself?  There’s never a better time than now to start freeing yourself from all the negative bullshit and past trauma that rained…

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Don’t be afraid to change direction

    Have you ever found yourself in something you thought you wanted for a long time, but when you were in it, you realised it wasn’t for you? 🤔    This might be a job, education, relationship, place that you’ve moved to… anything really.   Even if you’ve been in your relationship for years, what are you costing the rest of your life by staying in it if you’re unhappy? 🥹   Even if you don’t want to let…

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You don’t need to go anywhere to find yourself

  You’re right here. 🤷🏼‍♀️    You also can’t run away from your problems – because you’ll be taking yourself with you.    You could “find” yourself wherever you are, and make a decision to be happy with who you are, warts n all. 🤗   And if there are things you want to change about yourself that’s fine too, just choose to be happy while you make those changes.   Choose happiness 💛   As always, if you want…

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And then one day, we stop being the person we used to be

  It’s subtle at first, the way they change you. 💔    The way they pick on the things you wear.   How you look.   Who you hang out with.   Criticising how you cook, how you clean, how you take the bins out.   Telling you their friends think you’re “too much.”   You’ve buried yourself in work, another thing they criticise you for. 😢   Work has become your respite, the place where you can be yourself. …

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Victim to victory to visionary

  Join me + my friend Tracey Lee Cook as Tracey shares her powerful story + valuable insight. Tracey overcame growing up in domestic violence, sexual abuse + nearly losing her baby at 8 months pregnant due to domestic violence. From a hospital bed at age 38 she read her first ever book by Tony Robbins + in that moment decided to change her life. Learn how to wear your story like a superhero cape instead of an anchor! I…

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Embrace the negative – It’s showing you where you don’t want to be

    When you’re facing negative situations in life, how do you handle it? 🤔    Do you spend your time and energy complaining about the way things are?   Do you blame other people? 😤    Do you put it in the basket of “nothing will ever work out for me”?   Or do you use it as an indication that you’re not where you want to be, and do something about it?   If you’re stuck in negative…

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