OMG it’s like you’re speaking to me!!


I get emails and messages all the time saying “OMG woman, I feel like you’re speaking directly to me”!

My fave is one long term client and friend who says “Carly, you’re in my brain again” 😂😂😂

You know why this is?

Because I am!

With so many of the things I write about, I was once there too. 🥹

Abusive, codependent, toxic relationships. 💔 

So broke I couldn’t buy loo roll one week.

Being a people pleaser, saying yes out of obligation or because I was too scared to say no. 🫣

Depression and anxiety.

Shitty boundaries, if any. 🫠

Lack of love for myself and lack of joy for life.

Allowing, and enabling others to treat me like shit. 💩 

All of which, I’m happy to say, I’ve overcome. 

I now have: 

❤️ healthy, unconditional love in my life with a man who would never disrespect me

💰 no bad debt, savings in the bank and a healthy looking retirement ahead

✋🏼 healthy boundaries, being able to say no without feeling guilty because I prioritise taking care of myself

🌸 healthy amount of self love, clear on what my needs are

🌻 stable mental wellness 

Which is why I love to write about it now!

I was never alone in what I was experiencing in life – I just felt like I was.

I want others who are going through similar things to know they aren’t veither.

If I can pull myself out of several dark places and times in my life, so can you. 💪🏻

One of the biggest things I had to work on was what I call Project Self Worth – loving myself more, building my self-esteem.

This led to finally stopping the behaviours that were holding me back.

I put together a playlist on YouTube that helped me do just that – and now I give it away for free to anyone who needs it to (which is 95% of the population!)

Want it?

Comment PSW and I’ll send it to you. 🫶🏻

As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help. 

Plus come over and join my free group here.

Catcha on the flip side,


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