How lack of self love shows up in your energy field



I’ve do a lot of energy treatments every week, seeing anywhere between 1-15 people, most of them distant healings, and you know what the common theme is that I find?


A lack of self-love. 💔


When I do a treatment, I check the scores of how each chakra is functioning before I do the treatment so I can give my client an understanding of where they were at before the treatment and how that would have been reflected in their life.


I check the chakra scores for how they are perceiving and receiving the external world, and then I check each of the chakras again against their own heart chakra – this gives me what I call their “self-love” scores. 


These scores can be very different from their external world scores. 🤔 


What shows up time and time again are chakras not aligned with the heart chakra, showing that the person needs to give themselves more love, whatever that means to them. 


This can mean doing things to nourish themselves each day, using affirmations, setting personal boundaries, and saying “no” to things that aren’t a strong “yes.” ✋🏻 


I then top up all of the chakras so that they’re functioning the best they can, and align each chakra to the heart.


Where are you not loving yourself enough, and how can you show yourself some love today? 💕 


Where have you been saying “yes” when you need to say “no”? 🛑 


A few years ago when I realised I needed to love myself more (to stop attracting drama and shit people into my life) I embarked on Project Self Worth.


This created MASSIVE shifts for me in every area of my life.


I honestly believe if I hadn’t done the work on myself I’d still be stuck in abusive relationships, feeling sad and lonely. 😔 


Is this where you’re at right now?


Drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help. 


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Catcha on the flip side,



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