We are all just trying to fill our unmet needs

I work with clients from all kinds of backgrounds.

With a lot of people that have had the kind of upbringing most people would prefer to not know was possible.

Drug addicts.

The homeless.

People with a hectic criminal record.

Something they all have in common is that no matter how broken they seem to society, they are all survivors.

Survivors of abuse of all kinds.

Survivors of self-harm and suicide attempts.

Survivors of neglect and lives without love.

They are also no different from anyone else in many ways; no different from you or me.

We are all trying to do the same thing in this craziness of life.

Each and every one of us is just trying to fill our unmet needs in some way.

Some do it through sex, drugs, alcohol.

Some do it through food, exercise and overspending.

Some do it through giving all their love to other people and not themselves.

But we ALL do it.

Which needs are you trying to meet?

The need to be understood? Heard? Validated? Loved?

Take the example of overeating.

It’s never about being hungry, because if we only ate until we were satiated we would all eat a lot less food.

I eat when I’m bored, usually if I have loads of admin to get done.

Others eat because they’re sad, happy, depressed.

The common theme is that you’re eating to fill a need which can’t be filled with food.


Ask yourself if you’re trying to fill a need and if so, what need?

How else can you meet that need in a non-destructive way?

Sometimes you just need to distract yourself for 5 minutes until the moment passes.

Call a mate. Go for a walk. Do some journaling. Meditate.

Check out my free download called 18 Ways to Feel Better NOW (download via the pop in box on my website) for a few more ideas.

If you want some help figuring out what your needs even are, get in touch and let’s chat.

Catcha on the flip side,

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