Leave a trail of light wherever you go

I keep seeing this picture around on social media with the quote “some souls leave behind a trail of light that is never forgotten.”


I’m always saying to my Reiki students that I imagine we all leave a sparkly trail of light energy wherever we go.


How positive (or negative) that energy is, is up to you.


The clearer we can keep our energy, and the higher we keep our vibration, the better – not just for us, but for everyone around us too.


We all have a light body/energy body/aura surrounding us and nourishing our physical body.


Eastern medicine has been working with the energy field for thousands of years and we’re a bit behind here in the Western world of medicine but that’s definitely changed in the 15 years I’ve been practicing energy work.


Imagine for a moment that you could actually see the energy around everyone (some of us can do this).


What do you think you’d see around you and those around you?


Some people would be glowing a beautiful, soft, pure energy.


Other people would have a murky, dense energy field that would feel sluggish to spend time around.


When I do energy work on my clients I can feel the differences in vibration – some people feel heavy and dark, and others feel happy and light.


By doing energy work on them I aim to clear out any crappy energies and balance them, raising their vibration.


If we are all leaving trails of energy wherever we go, and filling our house with that energy too, what kind of energy would you want to have?


I believe we each need to be responsible for the energy we bring to the room, no matter where we are.


We can be the light, even if we are around darkness.


We can choose to lift others up, rather than bring them down.


What energy can you choose to be today?


If you need support mopping up your own energy (or that of your house or loved ones), drop me a message.


I offer energy treatments in person, as well as via distant healing wherever you are in the world.


I also offer space clearing in your home.


Get in touch for more info or check out my website for details and testimonials.


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