Give yourself a break and fill your own cup

Last week, my friend Renae posted on her Tranquil Me FB page about how she felt low mood creeping in, and how she overcame this by taking herself for a spa and sauna, even though she didn’t want to go.

This post gave me the kick up the arse I needed that day, as I was in burnout aka compassion fatigue, and had spent the whole week resting.

By the time I read that post though, I felt my own low mood creeping in.

Since having first experienced depression in 2010, my brain is a lot more sensitive to it. I went back into depression in 2011, but haven’t been back there since as I’m pretty good at walking my talk and looking after myself in the way I need to.

My work and passion involves helping others through really difficult times and I often work in the realm of suicide prevention.

I’m pretty good at being able to handle other people’s tough times, but sometimes everything seems to blow up at once and the proverbial hits the fan. I’m only human, after all 🙂

While for a week I needed to rest completely, it can lead to boredom, which is a pre-curser to depression, and that’s the space I was in when I read Renee’s post.

I then committed to doing that bit more to make sure depression didn’t hit, and I committed to daily walks in the sunshine, meditation, good food, no booze and grounding beach walks with my squishy.

I also cancelled any planned work to make sure I had the space to focus 100% on me.

I’ve also been for kinesiology, done a bit of EFT from my Project Self Worth playlist on YouTube, did some self-healing, did some cord cutting to let go of any attachments that were draining me, got blood tests done to check for any nutritional deficiencies and supplemented accordingly.

While the “do-er” in me had a long list of things she was itching to get done, I allowed myself to say “fuck it.”

I asked my body regularly what she wanted to do, what she had the energy for.

I’m feeling more like myself, maybe 80% back to my normal; it doesn’t take that long when you commit to yourself like I did.

We could all benefit from loving ourselves more.

How can you fill up your own cup today?

Start by asking yourself this question: what’s one small thing I can do right now, to feel even a tiny bit better than I do right now?

Then do that, as soon as you can.

Much love to you all.

Catcha on the flip side,

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