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Stop feeding the monsters in your head – water the seeds instead

  We all have days where the Negative Nancy/Ned in our head spirals out of control. Where lack of sleep, pain or illness, our environment or whatever it might be, gets the better of us. But our mindset is key here to how far we allow ourselves to spiral down the rabbit hole of shitty thoughts. We all have good and bad days – that’s part of life. Have you ever noticed how people who constantly complain have more bad…

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Are you being your true authentic self?

“I am what I think others think I am.” Read that a few times and notice the power (and truth) in that statement. We live in a world based on a perception within a perception. We have all these perceptions (illusions and lies) about what our partner, boss, friend, parent etc thinks about us, and we act accordingly. Bit mad isn’t it? It means that most of the time, we aren’t being our true, authentic selves. Do we even know…

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