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Why is the mind so negative?

  Imagine if you stored every putrid smell you’d ever smelled in a room in your house – what would it smell like?   Would you want to hang out in there?   Would you try and avoid going in there at all costs?   This is a bit like what we do with storing old hurts and traumas in our mind.   Over time, if we actively choose not to heal old wounds, they become infected and stinky.  …

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Cozy up to conflict – heal what’s triggering you

I was listening to Hay House Radio the other day and people were calling in explaining situations that are currently triggering them – by trigger, I mean anything that happens in your life that kicks off a negative emotion within you. One lady was explaining how much her husband’s laziness triggers her. He doesn’t work, and doesn’t want to work either. She resents being the breadwinner while he sits at home watching TV. Often we are triggered by a trait…

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