Would you rather be an eagle or a duck?

There’s a great analogy in the world of biz and leadership that talks about how to spot whether people are eagles or ducks (most peeps are ducks, I call them sheeples).

🦆 quack and complain
🦆 walk around in their own shit
🦆 spend a lot of their time at ground level
🦆 ducks are everywhere
🦆 they follow the crowd, walking in a straight line looking neither left nor right so they can’t look outside their own limits
🦆 they’re easy to control
🦆 they do what’s easy, not what’s best
🦆 ducks need a lot of support and can’t think for themselves
🦆 they don’t have a big enough wing capacity to soar high
🦆 they’re not very ambitious and are unlikely to be self-starters

🦅 soar above the crowd and stand out
🦅 need freedom
🦅 have great vision due to their huge eyes; they can see even when they blink so can see past obstacles
🦅 aim higher for a new start
🦅 take in the big picture – past, present and future
🦅 they see all the dangers and opportunities
🦅 they make calculated decisions
🦅 they swoop when an opportunity presents itself
🦅 they rise above problems to get a greater view of how to solve problems and overcome challenges
🦅 they’re alert to their own needs and can spot what they want
🦅 they have incredible focus; when a goal presents itself, they stay focused with clear eyesight until it’s within in their grip
🦅 they’re experts in finding creative ways to get what they want
🦅 they conquer
🦅 they do what’s best, not what’s easy

Which would you rather be?

And which are you right now? Be honest.

If you’re a duck right now and you try to become an eagle, it might not be easy at first as other ducks might try to clip your wings.

So surround yourself with eagles and watch yourself soar!

Being an eagle is a practised skill that can be polished and perfected.

It’s really worth it because as a duck, challenges keep you stuck; as an eagle, you can turn them into an adventure.

This results in confidence, fearlessness and success.

If you’re an eagle pretending to be a duck, you’re probably feeling misunderstood, misplaced and marginalised.

Find a mentor who can bring out your greatness!

Don’t be a sitting duck!

Be a soaring eagle.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – drop me a message 🙂 

If you’d like help bringing out your inner eagle, drop me a message and let’s chat.

Catcha on the flip side,


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