Make your mess your message


It’s a natural part of life that we go through times where we feel life is/we are a mess.


We face challenges and hopefully grow from them.


It can be easy to spiral down into the mindset of feeling like a victim, where you get stuck in the “why me” of it all.


But a more positive way of handling it can be to get curious about how your mess can become your message.


How can what you’ve gone through in the past help others?


How can you turn what you experienced into a message that inspires others?


When you go through your own challenges, do you find it helpful to read stories from others who’ve been there too and come out the other side?


Do you find their strength in sharing their story inspiring?


You could do that for others too.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a huge scale if that’s not what you want.


Start small by sharing your story with just one person who might be going through something similar.


See how it helps them; it may well make you feel the warm fuzzies enough to keep sharing.


And in a weird way, it helps you feel like what you’ve gone through is more of a blessing and growth opportunity, which helps you heal too.


Have the courage to share your stories, good and not so good.


You never know who it may help.


As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side, where my whole business has come from making my mess my message.








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