Can Reiki or coaching cure you?


Every now and then, I get a message from someone asking:


“Can Reiki/coaching fix/heal my {insert problem here”…}


I never promise any healing or “cure” as that’s not within my control.


Nothing can fix/heal you unless you’re an active participant in your own healing.


So, in the work I do with clients, I can provide the best service possible; with energy work, that’s me acting as a facilitator for high vibrational healing energies, and by using certain tools and techniques to guide that energy into the client to facilitate healing.


Whether they choose to accept that healing or not is up to them ~ consciously or subconsciously.


As a Coach, I guide my clients by asking a series of questions that allow them to access their best self, the part of them that knows all the answers already.


Whether or not they’re open to that process, and how willing they are to do the work required to get the results they want, is up to them.


So the answer to the original question is always no.


Nothing can fix or heal you, unless you first choose to accept healing.


Be very cautious of anyone offering you a “cure” for anything.


This is why I personally don’t like to call myself a healer.


A lot of peeps who do energy work will use the term, and that’s a personal choice.


For me, I’m not healing anything for anyone.


I’m a facilitator of change and personal growth; but only for those who are coming to the party.


A Change Agent.


Honour yourself, and commit to doing what it takes to show up for yourself 100%.


Then be guided to the right facilitators for you, to help you get to where you want to go.


Over and out.


Catcha on the flip side, where we all take 100% responsibility for our own healing,








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