Are you sick of this shit too?


Every week I get several emails from people wanting to push their sales pitch onto me which goes something like this:


  • Sends friend request
  • Friend request accepted
  • Immediate message sent after a brief look over my profile so they can mention something about either my dog or my business
  • Asking me what my current goal is
  • Third message generally entails something along the lines of “buy my shit” after telling me how great their life is and how they have been able to quit their job because of this new amazing opportunity they’re selling
  • Follow on messages after I say I’m not interested generally involve wanting to meet in person to give me the ability to see how amazing the opportunity is, thereby completely ignoring what I’m saying.


These are often the same people who take photos next to very expensive cars that aren’t theirs.


The same people who will start being a business coach when they haven’t run a business for long.


The interesting thing I find is that rather than putting out posts with value that are authentically their own style they will spend a lot of their time sending random friend requests and trying to get people to buy their shit straight away without the important elements of “know, like, trust”.


I’ve been in business now since 2006.


I put out regular blogs and newsletters with free content with the aim of helping people who are in a dark place.


When I am contacted by someone looking to book in for my paid services it’s pretty common for them to either say they’ve been following my work for 18 months or more or have been recommended to me by someone who’s worked with me.


In the world of helping people, it’s so important to be authentic and in integrity.


That’s the opposite of pushy sales where the sole aim is selling rather than being interested in whether you’re actually the right fit for that person.


Unfortunately, even though there are obviously great people out there trying to sell you great products and services, this whole pushy sales stuff means that I generally switch off straight away and see how long it takes them to do the “buy my shit” thing.


Are you feeling this right now too?


If you’re in this space yourself where you’re wanting others to buy your shit, the best thing you can do is show people you’re doing it yourself.


Live your best life.


Role model it to others.


Be authentically you and put valuable content out there for free.


People will watch to see if you’re even still around in 12 months.


If you are, they’ll know you may be worth watching.


No more photos next to lambo’s either, unless it’s actually yours 🙂


As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side, where dreams have actually come true.








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