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The ups + downs of chronic pain

    This is me, Thursday night just gone, in massive pain and laying on hot water bottles.    I’ve had chronic pain for about the last nine or ten years after I wrote off my motorbike and landed on my head.   Didn’t know for the first seven years that it was a bulging disc in my neck causing issues as my main symptom was neck and shoulder pain.    Started getting a mad headache on Wednesday which by…

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Be a coffee bean

    I recently listened to an awesome Ed Mylett podcast where he was talking about how people respond to stress, and sharing an analogy which I loved.   Some things turn soft in boiling water, like a carrot.   Other things get harder when boiled, like eggs.   But a coffee bean transforms the water into something new, it changes its surroundings and becomes something desired.   Reflect on some of the people in your life.   Who has…

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Make your mess your message

  It’s a natural part of life that we go through times where we feel life is/we are a mess.   We face challenges and hopefully grow from them.   It can be easy to spiral down into the mindset of feeling like a victim, where you get stuck in the “why me” of it all.   But a more positive way of handling it can be to get curious about how your mess can become your message.   How…

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The biggest disability you can have is a bad mindset

  Many moons ago now my baby sister ran the New York marathon – her first of many crazy fitness expeditions.   (Check out her Insta and website for her fitness inspo)   We travelled to NY with my mum and baby bro and had such a cool time in an insane city.   I remember how everything really did look like it was out of the TV show Friends. My fam sat on the steps outside of some building so…

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R E S I L I E N C E : the ability to get punched in the face over and over again

  Would you describe yourself as a resilient person? Resilience is about a persons capacity to recover from shitty situations, to be able to “spring back into shape” no matter what life throws at you. What helps make someone resilient? resilient peeps have a realistic awareness of self they’re adaptable they’re optimistic they’re pragmatic the ability to be autonomous they’re connected to others they have self-compassion   There’s always going to be challenging shit that comes at us in life.…

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Sometimes we don’t need advice. Sometimes we just need to know we’re not the only one.

  Have you ever gone through a challenging time in life and felt completely alone?   Like you were the only one in the world going through something like this?   Like nobody would understand?   You don’t talk to anyone about what you’re going through as you’re worried they’ll judge you.   When we’re going through crisis and chaos in our lives, we can feel isolated and alone.   But when we come out the other side and share…

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