What challenge can you set for yourself this year?



2020 is done.


Many are glad to see the back of last year.


Is your 2021 off to a strong start?


Last year, I set myself a challenge to use my brain in a way I never had before (not willingly, anyway), and have started 2021 really enjoying my brain training.


I’ve always been naturally good with people, but when it comes to things like maths, numbers etc my brain farts it’s way through confusion and has a tendency to want to quit the hard stuff.


Last year I began learn about trading cryptocurrency – I’d heard a bit about it through friends who were into it but when I’d looked at charts before my brain would shit itself and think “nope, too hard”.


But the interest remained floating around in my head until last year I started to pay more attention.


I listened with more willingness to understand, and kept observing.


I switched my usual personal development podcasts to videos about trading and crypto news.


I signed up to an amazing trading academy recommended to me by a friend, and started properly learning.


For the past 20 years pretty much most of the courses I’ve done have been about helping people.


As I go into 2021 and nearing 40, I want to keep my brain active and healthy by learning something that is really going to challenge me in a way I haven’t done before.


I can now look at a chart and know how to read the story.


It’s getting more and more exciting for me, and I’m meeting more and more people who are doing it too. A new tribe who have the same goals.


I’m watching my pot of side hustle money grow daily, working towards a financially rewarding future.


It’s really fun!!


Has there been something you’ve wanted to try for a while that will challenge you in the same way?


Make 2021 your year to give it a good nudge.


Find people who can teach you, and absorb as much info as you can.


Have fun training your brain in new and amazing ways.


Happy new year peeps!


Catcha on the flip side,


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