What I’m seeing in people’s energy right now



Each week I see anywhere between 2 + 25 clients for in person or distant healing.


I notice “trends” in people’s energy fields so in a week there are often quite a few clients presenting with the same things going on in their energy fields.


The last 2 weeks what I’ve noticed is heart, lung + throat stuff going on.



I’ve needed to flush the heart + lung meridians, restructure the organs of the heart, lungs + throat, remove stress webs from those areas + restructure the heart + throat chakras… I’ve even removed a couple of energy daggers from their hearts.


All of them had been dealing with relationship issues whether it be their partner or family.


Heart is where we store emotional pain. 


Lungs are where we store grief.


Blockages in the throat restrict us from speaking our truth + standing up for ourselves.


Once these blockages are cleared on the energetic level people can move on in leaps + bounds in their lives.


Sound like something you need?


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