I like you, but I like me more


I was listening to the Matthew Hussey podcast the other day and they were talking about relationships as they always do. 🫶🏻

It was a pretty interesting depth convo about a range of things but at one point his wife said “I like me more than you.”

She wasn’t saying this to him; she was saying it in relation to people who leave a relationship that isn’t good for their best self because they CHOOSE themselves over being “less than” in any relationship.

I love that so much. 💞

I chose others over me SO many times in my life, for so many years and so many reasons.

Ultimately the biggest reason was that I didn’t love myself enough to choose myself and say “I like you, but I like me more.” 🥹

Or rather, “I love you, but I love me more.”

I was only able to make that choice when I’d done personal development and healing work to the point where I loved myself so much (in a non egotistical way) where I’d never let anyone treat me like shit again. 💩 

I did years of coaching, healing, kinesiology and many other techniques to release whatever baggage was holding me back and allowing me to continue attracting shitty relationships

At age 38, I finally nailed it!

Then I met Hot Fiancé. 😍

And I had to do even more work to allow his magnificent kind of love in as I didn’t believe it could really be real!

So happy I did the work on myself. 🥰

Need a hand doing the work on yourself?

Drop me a message + let’s chat about how coaching +/or energy work can help. 

Plus come over + join my free group here.

Check out Matthew’s podcast episode here.

Catcha on the flip side, full of love but more importantly, full of self love 🫶🏻

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