Choose your hard


I saw a quote image this week that went like this:


Marriage is hard.

Divorce is hard.

Choose your hard.


Obesity is hard.

Being fit is hard.

Choose your hard.


Being in debt is hard.

Being financially disciplined is hard.

Choose your hard.


Life will never be easy.

It will always be HARD.

But we can choose our hard wisely.


I posted this and then got a message telling me how terrible the above message is and in part I totally agree.


Especially as a Law of Attraction Coach.


I don’t promote that life is hard, because it doesn’t need to be held as a belief.


Life is challenging at times, sure.


It’s not always a breeze.


But the challenge is where we grow.


I shared the above quote from another page because that’s how the majority think.


I have a friend who always says “why is life so hard” and I turned it into a joke – life isn’t always hard, that’s an untrue statement.


But if you choose to see life as hard, that’s what you’ll get.


If you choose to see life an an opportunity to grow through each challenge – and it’s inevitable there will be challenges – then life doesn’t need to be seen as hard, just something to grow through.


You can either go through it, or grow through it.


What do you think about the quote above?


Do you think no matter what, life is hard?


What I do agree with in the statement is to choose your “challenge” out the options.


Do you want to challenge yourself to get fit, or be obese?


To be financially stable? Or broke?


To have a successful relationship or a difficult one?


Choose your challenge.


What will you choose?


Catcha on the better flip side,








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