Choose the bigger life


I was listening to a podcast interview the other day where Gretchen Rubin from The Happiness Project was talking about asking a certain question when you’re unsure about taking a certain action.


She gave the example of when she was thinking about getting a dog.


Her kids really wanted one, but she was thinking about the extra responsibilities that go along with it and how it would make it more hassle to travel as she’d have to find a pet sitter.


Then she got a dog, and experienced all the happiness that goes with it.


She realised by choosing the dog, she chose the bigger life.


Anyone who knows how in love I am with my dog will know I chose the bigger life.️


So now she asks her clients when she’s stuck on a decision, “what’s the bigger life for you?”


I love this question if you’re feeling stuck.


Not sure about whether to move house, country, or job?


What would be the bigger life for you?


It definitely wasn’t easy to move to Australia from the UK, but I ALWAYS knew in my heart it would create a bigger life.


It’s not always easy leaving a long term relationship, but what if you knew it would create a bigger life?


It’s hard getting up at 5am for the gym, but I know it will create a bigger life for me in so many ways.


What are you stuck on right now?


Which decision leads to a bigger life?


Catcha on the flip side, in the bigger life,



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