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The power of words

  Are you aware of the power of the words you’re using day in and day out? 🗣️  I was listening to my coach talk about this on her podcast The Mind School where she was interviewing a psychologist who said the term “experiencing depression” instead of “struggling with depression“.  A lot of people wouldn’t pick up on the intentional change in wording there, but this is something I do too. By changing the way you word things, you’re changing…

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I like you, but I like me more

  I was listening to the Matthew Hussey podcast the other day and they were talking about relationships as they always do. 🫶🏻 It was a pretty interesting depth convo about a range of things but at one point his wife said “I like me more than you.” She wasn’t saying this to him; she was saying it in relation to people who leave a relationship that isn’t good for their best self because they CHOOSE themselves over being “less…

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You don’t need to go anywhere to find yourself

  You’re right here. 🤷🏼‍♀️    You also can’t run away from your problems – because you’ll be taking yourself with you.    You could “find” yourself wherever you are, and make a decision to be happy with who you are, warts n all. 🤗   And if there are things you want to change about yourself that’s fine too, just choose to be happy while you make those changes.   Choose happiness 💛   As always, if you want…

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Take responsibility for your actions

  Throughout my career, I’ve met far more people who aren’t willing to take responsibility for what shows up in their life than those who are.   People who love to take a victim stance and blame others for their actions.   One of the biggest lessons in life is that you are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel.   Nobody can make you feel anything – people will do what they do, and you have a choice…

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