Want to break your daily drinking habit?



Recently I’ve been doing energy treatments focusing specifically on my clients goal of breaking their daily drinking habit. 


Note ~ I’m not talking about the level of being an alcoholic. 


These are clients who buy a 6 pack on the way home after a day of labouring and find it stops them getting anything done after work as they spend their evenings drinking it all watching Netflix 🍻


Or others who always have a bottle of wine because it’s easier than facing the emotional challenges they’re experiencing 🍷


Energy work is really powerful for this. 


After a recent session I got a message from my client saying;


“Mate, thank you. You did me awesome. Gave my beers to mum and dad. Now I’m addicted to dry ginger ale and lime, and fresh fruit and veg! Thank you.” 


The next time I caught up with her she proudly opened a 4 pack of flavoured water and gave me one which we said cheers with. 


This isn’t about never drinking again, it’s about breaking the habit of daily drinking on your own and leaving booze for social events and special occasions so you can actually do something more productive after work if you want to. 


Is this a habit you want to break for yourself?


Drop me a message and let’s chat. 


And come over and join my free group here.


Catcha on the flip side,


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