Excuse me sir, you have a chopstick in your eye!


I recently did a distant healing on a friend who said he had really sore eyes and it was causing a lot of pain. 👀

I’ve done a lot of healings on him in the past but sore eyes is definitely a new thing for him.

So I did a comprehensive distant healing focusing on the goal if healing whatever was going on with his eyes.

After kicking out any “bad juju” – negative entities, negative thought forms and intrusive energies – and balancing all chakras I tuned into what was specifically needed to heal his eyes.

His eyes were covered in stress webs so I removed those and then I restructured his eyes. 🕸️ 

But then I found there was an astral object stuck in each eye – a 6 inch dagger in his left which was connected to how he was killed in a past life and in his eye I found a chopstick.

That’s a new one! 😂

Never seen a chopstick in someone’s energy field before and when I tuned into more information about it, he’d fallen on it in a past life and stabbed himself in the eye! 👁️ 


I touched base with him a couple of times over the next week and he said his eyes were much better.

“Mate I’m kicking like a wounded bull, feeling way better since the healing”.

I’ve found it so interesting when I find astral objects in people’s energy. 

They can be found sitting in the 4th layer of our energy field.

Often the objects I find (can be daggers, spears, cannon balls, needles, and apparently chopsticks too!) 🥢 relate to how they were killed in a past life.

But they can also be connected to emotions in this lifetime.

For example, when we experience a high level of emotional pain we can feel like we’ve been ‘stabbed in the heart’.

In those cases I do tend to find an energetic dagger stuck in their heart. 🗡️ 💔 

By removing these objects and balancing their energy it speeds up the healing needed.

I find it so fascinating doing this work and seeing how much better my clients feel afterwards. 

Keen to know more?

Drop a CHOPSTICK in the comments and I’ll message you.

As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help. 

Plus come over and join my free group here.

Catcha on the flip side, where we get rid of chopsticks from eyeballs 👀 😂


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