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How the vaccine may be affecting your energy field

      A little while ago, I wrote a blog talking about what I’d noticed in peoples energy fields over the previous four years leading up to the pandemic, and what I noticed happened during lockdown.   Things have changed again in my clients energy fiends since people started getting the COVID vaccine.   Please know, I’m not necessarily pro or anti anything but I am pro individual choice.   I think it’s so sad that families and friends…

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Get involved in the world of healing energy and change your life

Do you ever look at your life and think “yeah, I have a good life, but isn’t there something more I should know?” When I was in my mid-teens, I had so many questions about life. I could never believe that when you die, there is nothing else. I had a good life, close loving family unit, we lived in a great house in a nice part of the world and nothing majorly traumatic had happened in my life at…

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