Don’t take anything personally



We tend to think the way other people treat us is to do with us personally.


Most of the time, that’s not true. ☺️


Most of the time what people say is actually nothing to do with you.


It’s a projection of their own reality, the way they see life is through their own tinted kinda glasses. 🤓 


Glasses framed by their past life experiences, their belief system, their traumas + triggers


The shadow shit they haven’t healed yet. 🫂


Their own dreams or sense of entitlement about how the world should be.


When you clear up enough of your own shadow stuff, you step away from being constantly triggered by what others say + do.


You step more into being an observer of your perceived reality, instead of emotionally reacting/overreacting. 🤔


You stop being the victim of needless suffering.


Life is way more fun from that space.


Trust me, I know 🤗


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Catcha on the flip side, where we observe our perceived realities.


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