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Inside out – How our beliefs are formed

  This week I went to see the movie, Inside Out 2. 🫶🏻 It was such a fun way to represent to kids and adults how beliefs are formed in the brain and also how you can overcome negative/limiting beliefs. Riley, the main character, hits puberty overnight and it’s so funny to watch the representation of how the “characters” – joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear handle this new unknown territory when the shit hits the fan and the new…

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Don’t take anything personally

    We tend to think the way other people treat us is to do with us personally.   Most of the time, that’s not true. ☺️   Most of the time what people say is actually nothing to do with you.   It’s a projection of their own reality, the way they see life is through their own tinted kinda glasses. 🤓    Glasses framed by their past life experiences, their belief system, their traumas + triggers.    The…

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