Change two or three habits a year and change your life

IMG_7831Life gets in the way of us achieving our well-intended goals sometimes, doesn’t it.

We start out the year thinking I’ll quit smoking this year, I’ll lose that weight I’ve been wanting to lose, I’ll eat better, I’ll stop drinking as much, I’ll take care of myself more and so on and on it goes.

Imagine though, that if you changed two or three of your less desirable habits a year. Even if you changed one a year – one every year for the next few years. How would your life be different if you gradually decreased your less positive habits, turning them into positive ones?

For example:

  • From smoking, to quitting
  • From ignoring that toxic fat you’re carrying around, to doing something about it
  • From being slack with going for regular health or dental check ups, to going for regular appointments
  • From feeling constantly too busy to meditating regularly
  • From doing hardly any exercise to regularly going to the gym
  • From always pressing snooze on the alarm to jumping out of bed ready for action
  • From not knowing what your goals are to writing a goals list weekly
  • From reaching for booze or sugar when you get home from work to finding a more positive outlet to de-stress

 You get the idea – it could be anything.

 Write a list of habits that you’d like to change in the coming year, and then pick one, two or even three and commit to changing them in the next 12 months.

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