It’s a happy day today



Today I paid my deposit on my second block of land, not far from the beach.

I’ve been itching to build again since I built my first home by the ocean in 2015/16.

But rewind from here to the end of 2018, and I felt like I was in a hole.

I’d been in a long term relationship where I’d been taken advantage of financially for a very long time.

I found myself with my house in mortgage collections, $53,000 in debt, more credit cards and loans that anyone should have, with an unfinished house – concrete floors, no blinds, no front or rear landscaping, and what felt like no way out.

I signed up with My Budget to help me get my debt in order (highly recommend this to anyone who is currently struggling).

I’ve been doing personal development now for two decades, but the thing I was still stuck on was being in relationships that were no good for me.

When My Budget asked me if I had considered bankruptcy, I thought “NO. FUCKING. WAY”.

No fucking way would I keep paying for someone else’s life while they didn’t help out at all with bills, food for our family or mortgage.

No fucking way was it ok for him to keep buying new cars, motorbikes, alcohol and boats and go on fishing holidays while saying there was no money towards bills.

I’d known for a long time the relationship wasn’t right but kept chugging along doing all the self-development work to try to make it better.

To try to make ME better. To have better boundaries, to stop being taken advantage of.

One of the keys for me was Project Self Worth, where I worked on my self-love which also led to better boundaries.

A relationship can only change for the better when both people are committed to that.

For eight years, only I had been committed to that.

So one day, towards the end of 2018, enough was enough.

I got my mortgage up to date, finished my house, put it up for rent and got an amazing tenant.

I paid off all the debt, including my car loan five months early.

I cut up all my credit cards bar one, which I use now to get air miles and pay off every month.

I learned how to trade cryptocurrency and made extra payments on my mortgage.

I listened to loads of podcasts on real estate investing, crypto, and smart things to do with your money.

It felt so good today to sign the contract for my land and pay the deposit.

Occasionally I wonder how much further ahead I’d be these days if I hadn’t allowed myself to have such shitty boundaries in the past.

But regrets are pointless, and I’m so grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned.

I’m extra grateful for my amazing partner who is the total opposite of anyone in my past, who loves and supports me and is proud of what I’m doing now.

If I can do it, so can you.

If any of this resonates for you right now, know there is a light at the end of the tunnel – but the first step towards the light has to be taken by you.

You probably already know what you need to do… but if you don’t reach out to someone. If you don’t know who to reach out to, reach out to me.

You’ve got this.

So do I 🙂

Catcha on the much happier flip side,









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