Find your person



I was listening to a podcast the other day where they were talking about finding your person.


They weren’t actually talking about relationships and finding “the one” – they were talking about how to find the matching other half to help you achieve your goals.


Consider the current goals you have set for yourself.


Are you feeling a bit stuck and not sure how to move forward with them?


Chances are, you haven’t found your person yet.


For each goal, there needs to be a “visionary” (the creative one) and the “integrator” (the one that takes action).


If you aren’t someone who can be both in relation to your current goal, then you need to outsource the missing element to someone else.


This might mean hiring a coach, asking a friend to help you, finding someone who can help you with the technical elements of your goal etc.


Who do you need to find who may be the integrator to your visionary?


If you need a coach, gimmie a shout 🙂


Catcha on the flip side,


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