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I’ve been teaching Reiki and other energy techniques for over 15 years now and along the way I’ve found easy ways of describing what Reiki is.


I share this with my students who are often surrounded by sceptical loved ones and want to know how to describe energy work to them.


When we’re first starting out on our journey with Reiki it can be challenging to know what to say to other people when they ask us what Reiki is – especially if they are really sceptical and wanting to “prove us wrong”!


I really like to explain things in lay mans terms as much as I can.


When you get into Reiki people tend to think you’re a “hippy” – one of my friends thought I was going to go all tee-total, quit booze and go vegan.


The truth is that Reiki can really easily fit in with your lifestyle, whoever you are.


I never was a “hippy” and didn’t end up being one just because I do Reiki (nothing against hippies at all by the way!).


I grew up on my journey with Reiki watching two of my bestest friends, who both did Reiki, explain the same spiritual concepts to people but in really different ways.


My chick friend described things in a beautiful, spiritual way (she loves all things fairy and spiritual), which really spoke to some people, and not to others.


My guy friend was a cockney Londoner and one of the biggest “geezers” I know, and he would describe the exact same things to his geezer mates in a geezer way, lay mans terms that people understood.


As a result of that heaps of our geezer mates became quite spiritual!


So, the way I like to describe Reiki is like this: each of us is like an individual, rechargeable battery.


Our energy levels fluctuate according to so many things – the food we eat, whether we drink enough water, the toxins we are exposed to in our environment, the toxins we put in our body, the stress levels we are under, the job we do, our relationships, how much sleep we get etc.


Everybody can relate to this – we know when we are full of energy, and when we are not.


Having a Reiki treatment (or any kind of healing treatment) is like plugging that battery into a rechargeable battery pack.


As Reiki practitioners, we fill the person’s body with extra energy, to top up their energy levels.


We do NOT do the healing.


We simply send the person energy (not our own energy, energy we bring in from elsewhere), and their own body/spirit decides what it needs to do with that extra energy – whether it be to reduce stress, speed up healing by speeding up the circulation of the body, speeding up the removal of toxins from the body, healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


I have found that everyone understands this concept.


For those who practice , what ways have you found to explain what Reiki is to others?


If you’re keen to explore the world of energy work for yourself, drop me a message and let’s chat about booking in for a treatment or learning Reiki.


Catcha on the higher vibe flip side,









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