Did you grow up in a home with constant yelling?



I was lucky enough not to grow up like this, but a lot of peeps I know did. 


Did you grow up in a home where constant yelling was seen as normal? 🗣️


While this may be common, it’s not normal. 


This way of communicating activates our nervous system into “fight, flight or freeze” mode. 😳


This will turn affect how you handle conflict as an adult, especially in your own relationships.


If your “fight” response became the norm then you’ll yell + act out. 🤬


If you were the scared little kid who froze, then you’ll likely keep freezing ~ keeping your mouth shut, never vocalising how you’re really feeling, maybe dissociating altogether so you escape to a safer place. 🥶


Or maybe your “flight” response became normal for you, so you just want to run away anytime there’s conflict. 🏃‍♀️ 


It’s important to learn how to have healthy, open conversations + learn how to communicate yourself in an assertive way.


It’s also important to learn how to calm your nervous system when it becomes activated.


Try a few of these to calm yourself;


🤗 hugs with someone you love

🐶 spend time with your furry friends

☀️ walks in nature

🪴 ground yourself 

🍵 camomile tea

🗣️ talk it out 

🪻 lavender oil

🎶 play soothing music


Comment below 👇🏼 with your fave tools to calm your nervous system.


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