What choices are you making?


How often do you say or hear the words “you make me feel…” or “they made me do….”?


I hear this time and time again.


“He made me so angry”!


“She pushed me into it”.


“He sent me broke”.


“It’s her fault I did it”.


My response to this is nobody can “make” you feel or do anything; your response and actions are always a choice.




How you speak, act and react are always your responsibility.


True, we can have an emotional response based on whatever it is that triggers us.


But how we respond or react, how we behave and what we say in that moment are 100% down to us.


There’s a great book by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin called “Extreme Ownership” where they talk about this exact thing.


They say everything that happens in your life is your responsibility.


What if you took ownership of everything?


How would your actions change?


We aren’t responsible for how others act around us but we are totally responsible for how we react to that environment.


I’m responsible for getting myself into so much debt in the past, not my ex.


It’s my fault I attracted him in the first place, because I didn’t love myself enough not to.


I’m responsible for allowing past partners to treat me like shit – we teach people how to treat us.


I’m responsible for every shitty situation in my life in the past, because I attracted it.


But you know what that also means?


It means if I’m in full control of my life, I’m also responsible for attracting all the amazingness into my life too.


It was my choice to leave shit relationships, and I did.


It was my choice to make my life better, and I did.


It was my choice to become financially free, and I did.


And now I’m truly, without a doubt, living my best life.


What choices are you making?


What are you whinging about in your life? Your job? Relationships? Finances? The weather?


What choices can you make to change things?


We can’t always change our environment but we can totally change how we feel about it.


We must master our environment before we depart it.


Choose more positive choices and responses today, and watch your life change.


And if you need a hand with change, get in touch and I’ll let you know how I can help.


Catcha on the flip side,








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