Stop saying “should” – use “will” and “must”


How often do you tell yourself you “should” do something?

I really should save money instead of buy that thing.

I really should get up earlier to get to the gym.

I really should look after myself better.

Should doesn’t often eventuate because there’s already a lack of commitment in the statement.

How does it feel when you replace “should” with “will” or “must”?

It becomes a thing that you’re definitely going to do.

That nobody can persuade you not to do.

I will eat better.

I must get up at 5am for the gym.

I will save money.

You then create actions around those goals instead of being so flakey about it.

Try it on for size this week.

Let me know what you WILL do so I can cheer you on.

If you need a hand committing to your goals let’s chat about how I can help with coaching.

Catcha on the less flakey flip side,









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