The upward spiral



Most of us have been through a period in our lives where we have been at rock bottom.


At the time, you may have found yourself thinking “how the hell did I get here?”


If you reflect back, there were probably multiple red flags and warning signs that led you on a downhill spiral to rock bottom.


Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up through a series of changes that help you get there.


Wherever you’re at right now, you can always be making small changes and taking baby steps that help you on that upwards spiral.


When I think back on those times in my life where the shit really hit the fan, the downhill spiral included looking after myself less and less, not setting my boundaries, not going to the gym as much, eating more crap food, not keeping on top of my routine, not sleeping as much and not reaching out to my supports.


On the flip side, the things that helped me back on the upward spiral were admitting I needed to sort my shit out, reaching out to my supports, doing more/getting more energy work done on myself, getting back into the routine I know works for me including gym, sleep and nutrition, reading, meditating, getting out in nature especially the beach and getting enough sunshine.


Once you get back on the right track, spend some time evaluating how you got to where you got to.


One of the first steps in my online coaching program, From Surviving To Thriving, is assessing “how did I end up here?”


We also look at the triggers and warning signs you may have ignored along the way.


Once you know how you got there, we look at where you want to be instead, what emotional baggage and limiting beliefs you need to clear to get on the right track, and start taking action to get you on the upward spiral towards your dream life.


Sound good?


Message me to chat more about how coaching and/or energy work can help you, no matter where you are on the spiral.


Catcha on the flip side, where dreams have come true after we hit rock bottom and got back on the upward spiral.












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