You get out of life what you put in


We all know people who have a sense of entitlement, thinking the world owes them something.


Nothing worth having in life comes easily.


There is no magic pill or silver bullet.


It’s true that when you’re in a state of flow, things do seem to come easier; but that’s also about how you’ve been able to generate that flow state, which often means putting some effort into knowing what you want out of life, setting goals and taking inspired action.


How do you tend to live your life?


If you complain a lot, you’ll be gifted more things to complain about.


If you dish out smiles and laughs, you’ll attract peeps who vibe with that.


Don’t expect more out of life if you’re not willing to put more effort in to it.


Nothing amazing can be achieved quickly or effortlessly.


It can sometimes feel effortless if you love what you’re doing to achieve something, but it’s still not without some effort on your part.


If you really want to be living your dream life and being your best self, you have to be prepared to put in more effort than 95% of the population.


Carve time out of your day to take inspired actions towards your goals.


Cut down the amount of time you spend watching Netflix or scrolling through the newsfeed, and use it to work on yourself and your life.


Get up earlier each day to see the sunrise and exercise, kick starting your day in the right way.


Because you’re worth it 🙂


What is one small change you can action in your life today to help you become a better version of yourself?


Hit reply, and let me know.


Catcha on the flip side, where we are rewarded for our efforts,


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